Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to use summer holidays productively?

Students get summer holidays every year. Most of the students don't know how to use their summer holidays productively. Here are some tips to use your summer holidays productively.

Summer camp: During summer holidays you can join summer camps. Try to learn basketball, swimming, rock climbing, art as a summer camp? If you love languages, why not try learning sign language? Learn to write, draw, bind books, make photo albums, knit ... the list goes on and on. Try something different that you know nothing whatsoever about, and you will gain a new skill and possibly find a lifelong love. Another upside is that you have a lot of time to practice and put your skill to use!

Study. Particularly if you are a secondary or senior-secondary student, studying remains essential even though the school year is not running. Look over last year's notes, or do some research into what next year's courses have in store. When school resumes, you`ll be grateful that your academic knowledge and skills have not deteriorated. Even if you are in high school student, do your summer assignments in a timely manner and review your notes. You will be grateful when you return to school! Most of the time, the first few weeks of school will be quite a surprise, as your brain has seemingly turned to mush and you have forgotten how to do even the simplest assignments. Keep your brain active, read for school or pleasure, research your own interests, or even just get into crossword puzzles.

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