Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Careers in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management means managing the complete function of supply from the point of origin to the point of consumption. It consists of work like design, planning, implementation, control and monitoring of supply chain activities. The main objective of supply chain management is to deliver the right quantity of the goods at right time.   Supply chain management consists of several components, such as, planning and control, organization structure, product facility structure, work structure, information structure, power and leadership structure, risk and reward structure, management methods etc. In the rapid changing world, many manufacturing firms want to have efficient supply chain system for the effective distribution of their goods and commodities. Therefore, such organizations are always look for skilled supply chain managers. Keeping in view of the ever increasing demand for professionals to work in supply management, many institutes in India are offering courses related to the field.

Course Details
Many management and technical institutes in India offers courses in supply chain management. The courses in supply chain management are mostly offered at PG and diploma levels. To be eligible, the students must be graduates with degree in retail management/finance/B.Com/B.E. /B. Tech/BBA or in any stream, from any recognized Institute or a University.

Career Prospects
The performance of supply chain can directly have an impact on the productivity of the company. Supply chain management as a career is a very promising as well as lucrative and challenging job. A supply chain management trained students can work in any big or small business organizations as supply planner, commodity Buyer, supplier manager, purchasing executives, implementation manager, procurement officer, inventory manager, material manager, head of supply and head of procurement.

Institutes Offering
A good number of institutes in India offers courses in supply chain management. Some of the prominent institutes are Centre for Supply Chain Management (Gurgaon), Indian Institute of Materials Management (Navi Mumbai), Indian Institute of Materials Management (Hyderabad), CII Institute of Logistics (CIL) (Chennai), Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), Supply Chain Management Institute (Mumbai), National Institute of Retail Management (Bangalore), University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (for MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management), Dehradun, etc.

Freshers can earn between Rs 9000 and 15000 per month, in the field of supply management. A person with two or three year experience may get around Rs 20,000 - 25000 per month. The salary package for those, who are working at the higher level, can easily be Rs 7.00 - 12.00 lacs p.a.

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