Monday, May 7, 2012

Careers in Investment Banking

Career in investment banking is lucrative and rewarding. The work of an investment banker is to help an organization to raise its funds, by doing thorough study of the market trends, risk involved in investments and study the prevalent economic conditions. An investment banker provides wide-range of services like trading of stock, endorsing securities, and bond, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, maintaining broker-dealer operations, issuing and placement of stocks and providing financial guidance regarding pricing of securities,. The job requires detailed research of financial instruments prior to any investment. Dedication, commitment, hard work, devotion is necessary to excel in this field. A trained investment banker can fetch high returns to the company. One has to be passionate, enthusiastic, pro-active, quick decision makers and should be able to handle difficult circumstances with ease, to become a good investment banker.
Course Details
Courses in the field of investment banking are available at graduate and post graduate levels. Diploma and certificate courses are also offered by some institutes. Minimum qualification for under graduate program in investment banking is 10+2. For post graduation, one has to be a graduate in the relevant field. Seminars and workshops are conducted by many institutions. The course provides complete details of working conditions and job requirements of an investment banker.

Career Prospects
Investment banking is popular career options among the youth of India, since it is a good money making job that provides opportunities to grow. Countless opportunities are waiting for specialists in this field. Banks are always looking for skilled investment bankers, who can contribute more towards the growth of the organization. With globalization, the scope of investment banking has widened.

Institutes Offering
In the present scenario, career as an investment banker can be a good option. Several institutions are now offering training and education in this field. Some of the prominent institutes are Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University (ICFAI) (Tripura) and The Society of Certified Investment Bankers, (Hyderabad).

A fresher can earn anywhere between Rs15000-Rs30000 per month. With experience and further skill development, an investment banker can get higher salary packages.

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