Friday, March 16, 2012

How to be active in class

10 Tips to get active and involved in class

Being active in the class will help you to learn faster. In many cases, participating in class is an important criterion that teachers use to assign final grades. Many students do not participate in the class due to the fear of being judged and criticized. Here i am giving you some suggestion to participate in class and get recognized by teacher.

  1. Come prepared to the class everyday. Complete all assignments and readings and review notes form previous class. This will help you to avoid from asking inappropriate questions and making uninformed comments. 
  2. Sit in the front row of the class, this way it will be difficult for you to stay uninvolved in class.
  3. Put your words in front of the class with confidence, it will leave a good impression on teacher and you will be recognized in the class. 
  4. Raise good and meaningful questions in class which will help you to increase your knowledge base.
  5. When raising an issue be sure that it is relevant to the class topic. Don't waste the time of teacher and other students by raising off track issues. 
  6. When getting ready for the class, think about important questions and concerns that may come up in class. Be prepared to handle these.
  7. Don't be a person who has opinion on all the topics, it will not leave a good impression on teacher as well as class mates. 
  8. Don't be afraid to be wrong while replying on some topic. Sometimes you can even learn form your mistakes. 
  9. Be positive while reacting to the comments of other students. You can disagree, but don't be harsh with other students. 
  10. Don't take it personally if others disagree with what you say. Your class should be a good platform for exchanging ideas.

Be active in your classes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by participating.


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  2. Thanks very much! Hopefully i will get involved more often in class talks :)

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