Friday, May 4, 2012

Change your strategy

There was a vegetable hawker in a city. He used to keep his vegetables in a very unorganized way in his pull cart. Day by day his sales were going down and he was finding it difficult to earn for his livelihood. One day he met with an old man who said to him to leave his cart full of vegetables in the evening and take it from him, the next day morning. The hawker did the same as he respected that old man. He left his cart at the place of old man. In the night that old man threw all the rotten vegetables from the cart and only kept fresh vegetables, and decorated the cart in such a way that it was looking very attractive. Next day when the hawker came to take his cart he was surprised to see his cart which was looking new and well decorated. When he went to market with that cart he sold out by midafternoon. That evening when he met with the old man he advised him to change his strategy of arranging vegetables in cart and to keep only fresh vegetables in the cart.    

Same way we also need to change our strategy throughout our lives to get more.

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