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How to solve multiple choice questions

How to solve Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s)

Multiple choice questions are the questions which have four or five options. And you have to select the right option out of the given options. This type of question is nowadays used in almost all competitive exams and in school and college exams too.

Preparing for the MCQ exams

Unlike essay exams the preparation for an MCQ exam is totally different. In the essay type question, by just having the main headings you can write the whole answer by jotting down your own ideas. But when you are preparing for the MCQ exam, then you need to go through the whole book. Only then you can score very good marks, otherwise you will only get passing marks. So when you are studying from the start of the session then you need to underline all the important lines of the chapter from where the question can be framed. This underlining of the important lines will help you a lot during the exam time. And by just by reading these lines you will be able to prepare for the exams. This is the most effective way to prepare for the MCQ based exams. The other way for preparation for MCQ based exam is to go through all the previous years’ papers and solving them in the given time frame will help you a lot. When you are going through the old question papers, go through all the options which are given in the questions. By doing so, you will get an idea of the part of the chapter from which the question is asked. Sometimes you will find reframed questions from old question papers with the same options. So be ready.  Because the examiner can ask the question from any part of the chapter of the book, you need to prepare from the entire book.

Starting a multiple choice exam

First of all you should fill all the details asked in the Candidate identification grid. While filling this information you should be very careful, because sometimes the wrong information means cancellation of your answer sheet. So be careful while writing the details of personal information. While filling the answers, make the circle in a proper way. If your circles are not properly rounded, then your answer will not be considered and no mark will be allotted for that particular answer. While filling the answers, fill them carefully, sometimes in their hurry students fill in the wrong answers. Sometimes one wrong answer leads to the wrong answers of many more questions. How does this happen? For example you have filled the question-5’s answer in the circle of answer- 6, and so on; in this case all the answers you mark will be wrong after five. In such a case if you find the mistake then try to change the answers quickly and if time is not sufficient then you need to ask for extra time from your invigilator to rectify the mistakes. So it is very necessary for you to be careful while filling the answers.

Some quick tips for MCQ exam

  • Be sure to fill the answers of every question, if negative marking is not there. And if negative marking is there then answer only those questions about which you are sure.
  • Fill the answers carefully at the right space.
  • Completely erase the wrong answer.
  • Be sure not to mark two options for the same question. This will cancel your marks for that question.
  • Work fast during the exams, first solve the easy questions.
  • Underline the keywords in the question booklet. Words like many, some, none, always, never, more, best, bad, sometimes, less, are a sample of key words which can help you to understand the question fast.
  • Mark the questions which you want to reconsider.
  • Check all the answers and personal information before handing over the filled sheet to the examiner. Mark the answers on the question paper also so that you can check it with your answer sheet.

Reconsidering questions and changing answers of MCQ’s
Some research has been conducted on the issue of changing the answers of MCQ’s. The results of the studies suggest that if you have a good reason or a strong idea that the other answer choice is correct, then you can change it.

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