Friday, May 11, 2012

Study tips for exams

Here are some study tips you can follow before exams

  1. Know your concentration span, Study with breaks.
  2. Work out the best time for concentration
  3. Group study for difficult subjects. 
  4. Master the essential information first.
  5. Prioritize the study. Give your best concentration time to the toughest subject.
  6. Repeat your remembered work so that the recall in exam is easy. Work, not repeated or revised is easily forgotten.
  7. Give yourself a few treats - pamper yourself with lunch in a restaurant, or listen to your favorite CD for an hour after you have finished your revision.
  8. Do not let pervious results discourage you-identify your weak areas from previous exams and work on them.
  9. Choose a study place with minimum distractions and auto suggest to yourself about your resolution.
  10. Try to coincide study time with the time you would be given in the exam.
  11. In case of average achievers, master what you know and are comfortable with.
  12. Practice all the possible diagrams which you can use for making your answer more effective.
  13. Relax with what you know before entering the exam hall.

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