Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time saving tips for students

Here are 10 time saving tips for students.

  1.  Reduce the number of your TV watching hours.
  2. Use waiting time effectively- take some book or handy notes with you and read them while waiting for a bus or something else.
  3. Reduce the number of useless phone calls.
  4. Set a fixed time for the Internet use; don’t waste time in useless chatting and checking e-mail.
  5. Use travel time effectively- if you get a place to sit, you can read small topics and if you are in crowded bus or train then carry palm size cards with new terms, formula, and other memory chores so that your sitting or standing time becomes learning time.
  6. Learn to say no- for example, a friend of yours would like you to see a movie with him tonight. You made social plans for tomorrow with your friends and tonight you were going to study. You really are not interested. You want to say no, but you hate turning people down. Politely saying no should become a habit. Saying no frees up time for the things that are most important.
  7. Avoid useless chatting with friends.
  8. Avoid playing lot of games on computer; it is also the biggest time waster.
  9. Make a diary of task you want to achieve during the day. It will help you to utilize your time effectively.
  10. Notice the useless activities during the day and try to minimize them. It will save enough time for you. 

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