Friday, April 20, 2012

How to become a favroite student of your teacher

Here are 10 tips to become a favorite student of your teacher:

  1. Always come to class on time. Most of the teachers notice and recognize students who are always on time and ready to learn.
  2. Come prepared. Have all of your notes, homework and any other material needed for class.
  3. Try to sit in the first two rows of the classroom. Sitting in the front of the room, not only will make you stay awake, but the teacher will notice you.
  4. Pay attention the class when a teacher is teaching. This will reflect that you are interested in the subject. Teachers like the students who pay attention in the class.
  5. Don't make noise in the class by unnecessary chatting while teacher is in class. Normally, talking before/after the bell is okay but don't be too loud. Teachers appreciate students who are quiet and hard working. Be attentive, not talkative, while you're in class.
  6. Ask the relevant questions in class. It will help you to create a good image in the eyes of a good teacher.  
  7. Help the teacher whenever he asks for a volunteer.
  8.  Actively participate in the various cultural and non cultural activities of your school or college. 
  9.   Make your parents go to parent teacher conferences. Advise them to ask how you can do better at the subject.
  10. Thank you your teacher when he is leaves the class after teaching. 


Even if you do all the above mentioned steps, you still not become all of your teachers favorite. It all depends on the personality of each teacher.


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