Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to discipline

Here I am giving you some methods using which you can make yourself more disciplined and can get more success in your academics and life by putting disciplined efforts.

Planning- To be organized first of all you need to do some planning of your entire day’s activities. In the previous chapter I have given you a study plan. Use this plan to design your own study plan and daily activities plan. Follow this plan and at the end of the day check your progress with your plan. Compare your day’s activities with planned activities and if any grievance is there identify that grievance and remove it the next day. This is the best way to make yourself disciplined.

Execution- Whatever activities you planned in the planning part if you do not have the willpower to execute those activities, then the whole process of planning will be a waste. So you need to develop will power to follow your planned activities.

Timing- Fix a particular time for every activity. And try to finish that activity in the given time. Follow this timing each day. Like if you have fixed 6 to 6.30 as the time for physical exercise then finish your exercise every day at the same time. By doing an activity regularly everyday, you will become accustomed to doing that activity. After some time without putting much effort you will be able to do that activity everyday.

Continuity- You need to maintain continuity in your daily activities. Until and unless you follow your daily planned activities, you are not going to be disciplined. To become disciplined, continuity should be there.

To be disciplined, you need a lot of courage and willpower. Until and unless you put your sincere efforts in the direction of self discipline, you will not be able to achieve it.

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