Monday, April 23, 2012

How to keep yourself active


There is a story about the fresh fish in Korea. Korean people always like to eat fresh fish. But there is a problem; sea near to Korea did not have many fish from decades. So the Fishermen of Korea decided to bring the fish from far away sea water. But there was a problem with far away sea water fish. Once they were brought to cities, the fish were not fresh, and Korean did not like the taste. The fishermen got a solution of this problem, they installed freezers in boats. Now the boats can go for farther distances and can stay longer there. However, the Koreans were able to distinguish the taste of fresh and frozen fish, and they did not like the frozen fish.
So, the fishermen tried one another technique to keep fish fresh. They installed some fish tanks in boats. They would catch a fish and stuff them in water tanks. But, in tanks fish used to move for some time after that they stop and become inactive.  They were tired and dull, but still alive. Unfortunately, the Korean can still taste the difference.  Because the fish did not move for many days, they lose their freshness.
Now the Korean companies were facing a big challenge to supply fresh fish to the market. All their previous attempts were failure. They were looking for some new approach to solve this problem.
So, ultimately they got a solution:
To keep the taste of the fish fresh, the Korean companies still keep the fish in water tanks. But, now they did a trick. In the tank they put a small shark. Now this little shark used to eat some fish, but it keeps active the rest of the fish. This way the Korean fishermen were able to supply fresh fish to their countrymen.
 The lesson we get from this story is that to keep ourselves active we need to continuously challenge ourselves. Otherwise we will become inactive and dull and will not be able to achieve much in our lives.

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