Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to overcome shyness

Shyness is a problem in which a person find it difficult to talk with new people and even he has many other fears like what other people will say when he will do a certain type of work. Shyness hinders a persons growth, it stops him/her taking actions. It is very necessary for students and college going students to overcome shyness. Here, I am giving 10 tips to overcome shyness.

1.      Understand Your Shyness

Try to understand your shyness. What is the situation which makes you shy, try to understand it and then take advice of your parents or teachers.

Seek to understand your unique brand of shyness and how that manifests in your life. Understand what situation triggers this feeling? And what are you concerned with at that point?

2.      Learn to Like Yourself

You should remember that you are the unique person in this world. Practice appreciating yourself and liking the unique expression that is you. Give yourself a treat for your achievements.

3.      Releasing Anxiety through Breath

Whenever you are feeling anxious or not feeling good about yourself practice to become more assertive in order to overcome this problem. Take deep breaths and day all is well.

4.      Releasing Anxiety through Movement

One way of viewing anxiety is that it is blocked energy that needs to be released. We can release this energy through physical movement.

Exercises like jogging or walking will help to re-channel some of the blocked energies, but also helps by pulling you out of the situation and shifts your state of mind. This refreshed state of mind will help by adding perspectives to things.

5.      Visualization

Visualization helps us to overcome our negative pictures. Visualize yourself in the situation as a confident and happy person helps to shape your perception of yourself when you are actually in the situation. Close your eyes, sit back somewhere relaxing, listen to some relaxing music, imagine yourself in a scene or situation and see yourself the way you would like to be. Get all your senses involved to make it real.

6.      Affirmation

Positive words carry incredible energy. What we repeatedly say to ourselves, gets heard by our sub-conscious mind, and it acts accordingly. If we repeatedly tell ourselves that we are incapable, and too shy to do anything, we will become increasingly aware of evidence to back up this ‘fact’, and our actions will always match what we tell ourselves. Similarly, if we repeatedly tell ourselves that we are capable, confident, and wonderful human beings, our unconscious mind will likely surface the awareness that gives evidence to this new ‘fact’. While, we can’t lie to ourselves, positive visualization and affirmation are helpful in placing us along the road of positive thought patterns.

7.      Accept Rejection

Accept the possibility that we can be rejected and learning to not take it personally. Remember, you are not alone and we all experience rejections. It is part of life and part of the learning process. The key lies in how you handle rejections when they come. It helps to be mentally prepared before they happen. Never take it personally. It was not your fault. It just wasn’t meant to be. The scenario was not the best fit for you.

8.      Stop Labelling Yourself

Don’t label yourself as a shy person. You are you, you are unique, and you are beautiful. Can’t we just leave it at that?

9.      Practice Social Skills

Like any other skill, social skills can be learned through practice and experience. The more you put yourself out there, the easier it becomes next time. If you have a hard time knowing what to say, you can practice what to say ahead of time.

10.  Seek and Record Your Successes

As you overcome this condition we’ve been labelling as shyness, you will have many wins and realizations about yourself. You will gain insights into the truth behind social scenarios. You will start to view yourself differently and come to recognize that you can become comfortable and confident. When these wins and realizations happen, make sure to keep a notebook and write them down. Keeping a journal of your successes will not only boost self confidence, but also shift your focus towards something that can benefit you.

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