Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tips for Remembering

To keep things remembering is a tricky business. Sometimes we remember tough things for long times on the other hand we forget easy things we learned yesterday. There is no definite way for remembering. Here are 10 tips which you can use to keep remember for long time.
  1. First of all while trying to remember something, try to understand it. Understanding the content will allow you to remember the information for long time.
  2. Form an association between the information you want to remember and how it can be related to a person, object, situation and place.
  3. When you want to remember large amount of information, try to break it in smaller, more manageable categories. Then try to remember the information from each category.
  4. Create the graphics of information to remember it. Graphics helps in remembering information for long time.
  5. Bring personal touch to the information you want to remember, try to relate the information to something about you; it will make it easier to remember.
  6. Frequently recite the information and write it many times to remember it for long time.
  7. Apply the information in daily use to remember it. For example if you want to remember some new English words then apply those words in your daily life you can remember them easily.
  8. Try to visualize the information you want to remember, visualization will help you to remember information for long time.
  9. To remember information for long time you can test yourself. To test, write a question related to information on one page and then try to answer the question on next page. This technique will surely help you.
  10. Make remembering a fun activity by creating some games related to your information. 
So use these techniques to remember things for long time not in your academic years but through out your life. 

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