Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Improving Reading Fluency

As a student you need to study many subjects and learn a lot of things from various text books. Here are 10 tips which will help you to improve your reading speed.
  1. Do most of your reading assignments when you are most active. It will increase your level of understanding.
  2. When reading try to avoid reading word by word, in place of it try to read blocks of words. Your eyes can read four to five words at a time.
  3. When you are starting to read, just take a quick snap of whole page by looking for headings, bullet points, and things in bold. This will help you in skipping some of the text of the page.
  4. Pronouncing each word from the text can make your reading speed slow. So pronounce only some important words from sentence.
  5. When sitting for study make sure your mind is focussed on study and not worrying about other things.
  6. Keep a pen and pencil near you to underline the main points in text. Next time you need to focus only on underlined text when studying.
  7. Keep the lighting of the room good while studying. It will help you to study for  long time, without straining your eyes.  
  8. When studying don’t let your eyes to stay at same place for long time. Move your eyes when you find your eyes stuck on some page.
  9. Keep your place distraction free for studying long time with interruptions.
  10. Last but not least practice, practice and practice.

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