Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Become a Flexible Reader

A flexible reader is one who knows how to select and use a reading style that is consistent with his purpose for reading. There are three important types of reading styles, you should learn to use. Each has its own benefits. Learning these three reading styles will make you a flexible reader.
Scanning: This reading style is used by flexible readers when they want to quickly locate a specific piece of information within reading material. Generally people look for  quick information in a list of names, words, numbers, short statements, and sometimes even in a paragraph. As you know the information you are looking for, move your eyes quickly over the reading material until you search the particular piece of information you are looking for.
Skimming: This reading style used by flexible readers when they want to quickly get a general idea about the text material. This style is very useful when you have to read a large amount of text material in a short time. In this style the focus is on identifying the main ideas in each paragraph and ignore the details in supportive sentences. As the focus is on only for the main idea in each paragraph you read, a lower level of comprehension is to be expected.
Study Reading: This reading style used by flexible readers when they want to read difficult material at a high level of comprehension. Under this style, you should read at a rate that is slower than your normal reading rate. Your focus should be to understand the material. This reading style often require you to read material more than once to achieve a high level of comprehension. Many times, reading the material aloud will also help you improve your comprehension.
So I will suggest you before you begin your next reading assignment, identify your purpose for reading. Is the reading is for specific information, trying to get a general idea about what you are reading, or high level of comprehension. Accordingly, use the reading style for your reading purpose.

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