Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Help with Math

RQWCQ is a great strategy to use with math problems. Each of the letters in RQWCQ stands for a step in the strategy.

Read the full question to know what exactly it is all about. Read it two or more times to have a clear idea about the question. Try to draw a picture of the problem in your mind.
Trace out the question to be answered in the problem. Many times the question is directly stated. When it is not stated directly, you will have to identify the question to be answered.
First write down the formula to answer the question. Try to cross out any facts presented in the problem that are not helpful to answer the question. Sometimes, all the facts given in the problem are required to answer the question.
Write the problem on paper and do the computations. Check your answer for accuracy and make any needed corrections. Once you have solved the problem, circle your answer.
Once the problem is solved ask yourself: "Is this answer possible?" Sometimes you may find that your answer is not possible because it does not fit with the facts given in the problem. If this happens, go back through all the steps of RQWCQ until you arrive at an answer that is possible.

The use RQWCQ will help you to correctly solve math problems. So follow this procedure to get the right answers of your math problems.

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