Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to take notes in class

A teacher comes to the class to teach topics related to the subject. The information they give during the class is important to you for your learning as well as for various exams. You must be able to take good written notes from what your teachers say. Here i am mentioning the way how to take notes in class.

1. Get Ready to Take Notes (Before Class)
  • Go through your notes from the previous class session before you come to class. This will help you remember what was covered previous day and get you ready to understand new information your teacher provides.
  • Finish all related readings before you come to class. Your teacher will expect that you have done this and will use and build upon this information.
  • Bring all note-taking materials with you to class.
2. Take Notes (During Class)
  • While in class focus on what your teacher is saying. Listen for "signal statements" that tell you what your teacher is about to say is important to write in your notes. Examples of signal statements are "The most important point..." and "Remember that..." Be sure to include in your notes information that your teacher repeats or writes on the board.
  • You need to write at a rapid speed so that you can have all the important information in your notes. Write abbreviated words such as what for wht and use symbols like for dollor $ and writing short sentences.
  • Put a ? next to information you write in your notes but about whose meaning you are not sure.
3. Rewrite Your Notes (After Class)
  • Rewrite your notes after coming back to home to make them more complete by changing abbreviated words into whole words, symbols into words, and shortened sentences into longer sentences.
  • While rewriting your notes include information in notes from other sources such as books and internet. It will make your notes very good.
  • Show your notes to the faculty members to know their say about your notes, they can help you out to take some great notes.
Having good class notes will help you to be better in your exams.

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