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Careers in Teaching

Teaching is regarded as a highly noble profession. In olden days teachers were worshipped before god as they were the real one who delivered the knowledge to students. Good teachers are always a boon to society. A teacher’s main task is to nurture the talent of students and guide them through initial years of learning. A good teacher satisfies the knowledge quest of a student and motivates them to achieve the higher level goals in their life. Teachers help the students in building their character through proper education and personality development.    


The field of teaching is very vast having many areas of specializations, different skills and types of training are required for different levels. In teaching areas of specialization include teaching at primary school, nursery schools, middle schools, high schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, institutes, special schools etc. Each level calls for a different knowledge and expertise.

The people who love to be with children, teaching at schools would be a good option. For people who wan to be with young adults, college or university is better option. After parents it is the teachers who shape the life of the students. That’s why a good teacher can bring out the best in every student.




For the various streams of education following eligibility criteria is required.


For nursery schools: Nursery Teachers Training. Minimum qualification: 10+2


For middle schools: Teachers Training Certificate (TTC) or its equivalent. Minimum qualification: 10+2


High School and intermediate: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). Minimum qualification: Graduation


Colleges/Universities: Post Graduate degree, preferably with Doctoral Degree. Also have to qualify the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by University Grants commission (UGC).


Special schools: Diploma in special Education. Minimum qualification: 10+2


Courses available in teaching


  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

  • Basic Teaching Certificate (BTC)

  • Certificate Course in Teachers Training

  • Diploma in Child Care and Education

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education

  • Diploma In Education (D.ED)

  • Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training

  • Diploma In Pre-Primary Teacher Training Education (DPPTE)

  • Diploma in Primary Teacher training

  • Diploma In Teacher Education (DTE)

  • Elementary Teacher Education

  • Junior Basic Training (JBT)

  • Junior Teacher Training Certificate (JTTC)

  • Licenciate In Teaching (L.T)

  • M.Phil. Education

  • Master of Education (M.Ed)

  • Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)

  • Ph.D. Education

  • Pre-Primary Teacher Certificate

  • Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course (PPTTC)

  • Primary Teachers Certificate (PTC)

  • Primary Teachers Training (PTT)

  • Senior Teaching Certificate (STC)

  • Teachers Certificate Course (TC)

  • Teachers Training Certificate (TTC)

  • Under Graduate Basic Training (UGBT)


Job opportunities:


They can find employment in


  •     Play schools

  •     Nursery schools

  •     Primary/elementary schools

  •     Middle schools

  •     Senior secondary schools

  •     Colleges

  •     Universities

  •     Educational research institutes

  •     Special schools

  •     Self employment by starting institutes/tutorials

Career options


Nursery/Primary Schools: Great career opportunities are available to the nursery and primary school teachers in private and government schools. With the relevant education and certificates they can easily get a job in any nursery school. These teachers have huge responsibilities to shape the life of students as they are the first teacher in a student’s life. These teacher need to be very careful while dealing with the small children as they are very sensitive.   


Secondary Schools: The secondary school teachers teach students of 6th to 12th standard. Usually they handle one particular subject in which they specialise.


Colleges/Universities: Universities or colleges give the title of lecturers and professors to teachers. These faculty members specialise in a particular field. Their main task involves delivering lectures, guiding and helping the students in their academic and research work. With experience and further skill enhancement one can become a principal, vice-chancellor at the management level.


Special schools: Special schools deal with children having physical and mental handicap and learning disabilities. The work in this type of school is emotionally and physically demanding and needs a lot of patience. Teachers have to work in close association with parents and medical professionals like physiotherapist, speech therapist etc. This is a challenging teaching assignment and needs a lot of preparation.




A school teacher draws a salary of Rs. 6,500 to Rs 10,500 at the entry level. The salary at Senior level is around Rs 8000 to Rs 13,500. The pay scale of assistant professors ranges from Rs 15,400 to Rs 39,400.


Colleges for teachers


In India numerous numbers of colleges offers course for teachers. A person has to decide which course he wants to pursue.  

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