Thursday, August 9, 2012

Career as Company Secretary

The growth led by opening of Indian economy has resulted in demand for specialists in almost every sphere. A company secretary is responsible for efficient management of the company and advice the company on various company related matters. A company secretary helps in formation of a company, co-operates with various departments of the organization, ensures compliance of company legislation and advises directors on statutory requirements of the company. His other functions involve to looks after finance, accounts, personnel, legal, and administrative functions.

The main functions of a Company secretary involves looking after finance responsibilities like getting project approvals, obtaining relevant licenses and permits, zeroing in on all requirements under FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act) and any other relevant legislation. The Company secretary is also authorized to sign the annual reports of the company, and can also represents the company when a situation arises.

Eligibility: -

For admission in company secretary program you should have pass 10+2 or equivalent examination. After that you can enroll yourself with the institute of company secretary for foundation course. After passing the foundation examination you can register with the institute for intermediate course. Those who have done their graduation can enroll into intermediate course. After completing intermediate course you can go for final course.
During the course period a student is has to undergo management training with a company recognized by the Institute or with a recognized practicing Company Secretary. The time period of the training may vary from a year or two, depending upon whether it is done on a full time or part time basis.

Job Prospects: -

Plump job opportunities are available to a qualified Company Secretary.  Most of the Companies need legal and financial advice on various company related matters, and here a company secretary fits perfectly for this job.  So the employment opportunities in the corporate sector are very high.
There are many opportunities are available in public sectors. In public sector bodies like the Bureau of Public Enterprises, government financial institutions and stock exchanges require a company secretary. A qualified company secretary can also work as accounts branch of the Central Government Law Services; law, the finance, accounts and merchant banking divisions of nationalized banks. With the experience and skills a person can reach to the top positions of the company like chairman, director. A company secretary can also start his own consultation business.

Remuneration: -

Company Secretary profession is a well paid career option. A fresh Company Secretary can earn any where between Rs. 10000 to 15000 per month in public and private sector. An experienced one can get 30000 to 35000. 


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