Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Careers in Legal Studies

Legal studies is an old career option for the 10+2 students. Since the British era legal career attracted many bright minded people. With the increase in the magnitude  of crime and corruption in our country, law seems to be a good career option for the students who can take the challenge to provide justice to innocent parties.  A lawyer is licensed by the state to engage in the practice of law and advice clients on legal matters. Lawyers act as both advocates and advisors on behalf of their clients. As an advocates, they take either the plaintiff or the defendant and advance their client’s case through oral argument or written documents such as motions and briefs. As advisors, lawyers advice clients on how the facts of their particular case apply to the law.
Course Details
Many course options are available in law. One can pursue a three-year law course (LLB) after graduation in any discipline. Otherwise one can go for  a five-year course after twelfth standard examinations, leading to a BA LLB (Hons). The BA LLB programme usually covers practical training including court attendance, hands on training at legal aid centres and research projects. Programmes in law (LLM) are of 2 years duration & one should have LLB degree to pursue this case. There are various branches of specialization in law like civil law, corporate law, criminal law, income tax law, labour law, international law, constitutional law, and patent law etc.
Career Prospects

 Good career opportunities are available to law graduates. Lawyers can have employment opportunities in public and private sector organizations. Lawyers can enroll themselves with the Local/State/Central Bar Council  to become an advocate and practice law as a profession. A Lawyer can be appointed as Company Secretaries in various firms. A Lawyer can work with legal consultancy firms dealing with tax, excise, patent, labour and environmental laws. A Lawyer can work trustees of various trusts and law reporters in media industries. A Lawyer can work in numerous Law schools and colleges as a teacher/professor. 
With experience lawyers can be  appointed as Judges of various courts, as Attorney and Solicitor General, as Public Prosecutor and also in Defense, Tax and Labour departments. 

Institutions offering law course

Some of the top Law colleges are mentioned below  
  • National Law School of India University, Bangalore
  •  NALSAR, Hyderabad
  • Symbiosis Law College, Pune
  • Amity Law School, New Delhi
  • The Government Law College, Mumbai
  • ILS Law College, Pune
  • National Law Institute University, Jodhpur
  • West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences
  • Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University
  • Indian Law Institute, New Delhi


A law graduate can start his career with a salary of  15 to 20 thousand per month. The salary is this field increases with the experience. One can open his own law consultancy after five-six years of experience.

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