Thursday, June 14, 2012

Careers in Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a new branch of engineering that applies the knowledge of science and engineering principles to improve the environment (air, water, and land resources) from pollution and to provide healthy water, air and land for human habitation and for other organisms.
Environmental engineers work in many aspects of environmental protection. The major areas include industrial hygiene, air pollution control, radiation protection, toxic materials control, hazardous waste management, water supply, waste water management, storm water management, solid waste disposal, public health, and land management. And, within each of these major categories are many sub-specialties.

The basic eligibility criteria is 10+2 (with Physics, Chemistry and Maths). There are many BE/BTech program in Environmental Engineering of four years duration. The selection is generally made on the basis of entrance tests (e.g. IITJEE, AIEEE, BITSAT etc.) conducted at both national and state level. 

Career Prospects
A graduate of Environmental Engineering program can find jobs in many areas. One can be a designer, a researcher, a planner, a professor, an operator of pollution control facilities, a government regulatory agency official, a manager of programs, or be involved in professional society work. 
However, the possibility of finding jobs is more in chemical manufacturing units, mines etc.
A graduate of Environmental Engineering can also find opportunities in the Central Pollution Control Board, openings in the private sector would essentially lie with companies engaged in infrastructure projects with environmental consulting firms.

BE/BTech course in Environmental Engineering is offered by many engineering colleges/technological universities including the IITs. Many state universities and private Btech colleges offer cenvironmental engineering branch.  Birla institute of Technology, National Institutes of Technology, Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), College of Engineering and Technology (Anna University) also offer this course.

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