Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Careers in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is the branch of engineering which studies elements both from computer science and electrical engineering and applies it to the making and development of computers and computer-based systems.
Computer engineers build and repairs computers such as PCs, workstations, and supercomputers. They also build computer-based systems such as those found in cars, planes, appliances, electronics, phones, communication networks, and many other products. Computer engineers not only design the hardware, but also much of the software in computer-based systems.
The main tasks of computer engineers involve developing software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers, designing sensors, designing VLSI chips, designing mixed signal circuit boards, and designing operating systems. Computer engineers also work on many other products related with computers like  robotics, which relies heavily on using digital systems to control and monitor electrical systems like motors, communications, and sensors.
At present this branch is one of the hottest branch among the engineering graduates. The reason behind it is availability of good paying jobs in most of the private IT companies.

The basic eligibility criteria is 10+2 (with Physics, Chemistry and Maths). There are many BE/BTech program in Computer Engineering of four years duration. The selection is generally made on the basis of entrance tests (e.g. IITJEE, AIEEE, BITSAT etc.) conducted at both national and state level.
One can also continue his study further by joining ME/MTech programs offered by various engineering colleges/universities including the IITs and NITs. A GATE qualification can further make one’s admission process easier.

Career Prospects
A computer engineer can find job opportunities in a variety of environments in academia, research, government, industry, private, business organizations and so on. The software and IT companies are the major employers of computer engineering graduates. They offer the best salary packages to the young graduates which are unmatched with other branches of engineering profession.

BE/BTech course in Computer Engineering is offered by almost all engineering colleges/technological universities including the IITs and NITs. Most of the state universities and private Btech colleges offer computer engineering branch.  

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